Combustion heater repairs including

Firebrick replacement

Flue cap replacement and roof leaks

Flue parts

Door glass replacement

Door seal replacement

Baffle plate repairs or replacement

Flue system replacements to comply with Australian Standards

Firebrick retainers

Flue extensions

Fan repairs

Safety inspections

Clearing of blockages and investigation of excessive smoke issues

Flue sweeping and chimney sweeping for maintenance (should be done every few years)


Why do you need a Chimney Sweep?


Every time you burn a fire, the smoke will leave a residue that then builds up in the chimney. The more you burn the more this builds up and begins to block airflow. This buildup then begins to effect the efficiency of your fireplace as it retards the drawing of the chimney. This also becomes a safety concern as many woods, such as redgum, contains a substance known a Creosote which is highly flammable.

A regular sweep of your chimney will increase its efficiency and safety.



How often should you clean your Chimney?

Depending on how frequently you use your fireplace, as well as the type of wood that you burn, will impact how often you should have your chimney swept. The Home Heating Association recommends an annual clean to minimise build up and maximise safety and efficiency of your fireplace.